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Massage has been used for centuries to help women through pregnancy and promote faster recuperation from childbirth.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy dramatically alters the body, resulting in a range of discomfort for Mama-To-Be. Prenatal massage offers mamas a nurturing touch that brings comfort physically, emotionally and mentally. 


Prenatal Massage has whole-body wellness effects:


♥   Relieves muscle discomfort in shoulders, neck, back, hips, legs & feet

♥   Soothes sciatic pain by releasing muscles causing nerve compression

♥   Increases circulation providing more oxygen & nutrients to mama & baby

♥   Stimulates lymph system increasing immunity and removal of toxins

♥   Alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints

♥   Helps stabilize hormonal levels & eases surging emotions

♥   Reduces swelling of hands & feet and lessons leg cramping

♥   Combats fatigue

♥   Reduces stress and anxiety

♥   Natural, safe, drug-free alternative for pain relief

♥   Enhances wellbeing for mama and baby & their connection

♥   Helps to prepare body, mind & spirit for birth


Suggested scheduling:

1-2 prenatal massage sessions per month in the second & third trimesters and 1 session per week during final weeks of pregnancy, then follow through with postpartum massage.




Benefits of Postpartum Massage

Hooray, baby has arrived, what a blessing indeed!  At the same time, what an undeniable strain childbirth has been on your body.  Mama Massage is great aftercare ♥
Postpartum massage helps mama rebalance and rejuvenate:

♥   Relaxes tense muscles and eliminates sore spots

♥   Aids in reducing cramping, spasms & fluid retention

♥   Releases natural pain-killer endorphins to ease all-over body pain

♥   Improves immunity by stimulating lymph flow & blood circulation

♥   Relieves upper body pain as the result of breastfeeding/holding/carrying baby

♥   Assists abdominal, caesarean and pelvic healing

♥   Promotes structural realignment of the spine and pelvis

♥   Promotes better quality sleep  (when you can get some!)

♥   Balances emotions and reduces baby-blues by regulating hormones

♥   Helps tighten and tone muscles & assists weight loss

♥   Encourages proper tissue  healing & digestive tract functioning after a cesarean birth

♥   Nurturing support just for mama



Suggested scheduling: 

6 postpartum massage sessions in the first 6 months after childbirth.  Schedule 1 session per month or more frequent sessions during the first 2-8 weeks post birth to address specific aches and pains then sessions every 4-6 weeks. 



Common Pregnancy Discomforts Relieved Through Massage:


All Over Ache


Morning Sickness


Low Energy

Poor Sleep


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sciatica Pain

Fluid Retention

Round Ligamant Pain

Leg Cramps

Varicose Veins

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Hip Pain

Back Pain


Precautions observed

Advanced training in Prenatal & Postpartum modalities is combined with the following precautionary steps to ensure that Mama Massage by Michelle is safe and enjoyable for each client:


- Each client is required to receive written approval from her treating OB/GYN or Midwife to confirm clearance for massage (Pre & Post).


- Each client receives an initial consultation (complimentary) by phone, to confirm the appropriateness of Mama Massage by ruling out or acknowledging existing contraindication(s).  Eligible clients complete a New Client Information Form, which becomes the foundation for a therapeutic massage treatment plan addressing specific concerns, needs and preferences.  Massage sessions are tracked using SOAP notes nursing documentation, to ensure progress and client satisfaction. 


- Each client is briefly assessed prior to each massage session, to determine any changes in medical status and to discuss changing needs/preferences.


- Each client must be feeling generally well on the day of massage.  Clients are contacted on the morning of the scheduled appointment to confirm the appointment.  Should a client be feeling less than well that day, the appointment is rescheduled.


-  Each client is educated about natural contraindications that could arise during pregnancy, which may necessitate the suspension or delay of treatment.


-  Each client is asked to participate in open and ongoing communication, to ensure comfort and safety at all times.


-  Gentle-to-moderate massage is provided (NO deep pressure), avoiding pressure points that may cause the pelvic muscles and uterus to contract. 



Body Positioning for Safety & Comfort


Care is taken to ensure that clients are positioned correctly on the massage table, to maintain safety and wellbeing for mama and baby.

(3) different on-the-massage-table positions may be utilized during a Mama Massage by Michelle session:


1.  Lying face down using a bodyCushion™ orthopedic positioning system that supports prone position by keeping all pressure off the uterus.

2.  Secured semi-reclined position using  the bodyCushion™ and pillows/towels & bolster.

3.  Side-lying, using the bodyCushion™ nestled with pillows/towels & bolster, to provide support and maintenance of spinal alignment.


Positioning and techniques utilized are altered based on what's comfortable for Mama given number of weeks pregnant and the size/positioning of baby.


Mama is professionally draped with freshly laundered sheets at all times to ensure privacy and comfort.

Belly massage is only performed upon request. Breasts and private areas are never massaged.


The bodyCushion™ positioning system consists of adjustable large foam cushions with special hollowed areas to accommodate the abdomen (no matter the size) and breasts.  It is fully adjustable to accomodate different body types and sizes , is made of a soft cushion material and is positioned underneath fresh linens.   The bodyCushion™ allows mama to lie face-down in a supported, comfortable, and safe position throughout pregnancy. The system supports the client on her bony landmarks and provides cushioning for the belly so the uterus it is not "hanging."  It also allows mama to lie on her side in fully supported comfort, without pressure on the shoulders.  And, the  bodyCushion™ modified serves as a back-lift to allow for stability in a semi-reclined position.  Combined with added pillows that nestle mama's body and bolster(s) to elevate legs, the use of the bodyCushion™ enables mama to comfortably and safely receive massage.  For further information, please watch the bodyCushion™  video on positioning for pregnancy.

Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during and after pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.​​ (From the American Pregnancy Association)
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