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Mama Massage is customized  to address  each mama's  needs throughout pregnancy
Prenatal Massage

Discomfort Relief, Hallelujah!  


Massage during pregnancy is an excellent complimentary therapy. Prenatal massage is enjoyable AND organically relieves discomfort/pain while promoting wellbeing for mama and baby!


Whether you are seeking pain relief or relaxation, or both, prenatal massage delivers!  This full-body massage combines long, flowing massage strokes with strategic prenatal techniques, to release tense muscles, diminish pain and provide total relaxation. 


Clients are invited to choose and change position on the table:  face-down using a special bodyCushion™ that prevents pressure on the uterus & breasts;  face-up in a secured semi-reclined position; and/or side-lying nestled with pillows for added comfort and maintenance of spinal alignment. Mama's preference is the deciding factor for the positions and techniques used.

Many women seek Prenatal Massage in the last few months of pregnancy yet significant benefits are gained from regular massage sessions throughout the course of pregnancy.  Stay ahead of discomfort by receiving massage as part of your prenatal wellness plan ♥


Prenatal Massage, 75 minutes   $100.


Special pricing available for multiple sessions during the final weeks of pregnancy.
Each session is custom designed to address mama's individual needs as they change throughout pregnancy.  Please read about the Benefits of Prenatal Massage.


Mama Massage by Michelle requires written clearance from OB/GYN or Midwife.

Clients must be at least 14 weeks pregnant to be considered for service.

Daddy-To-Be Massage
Daddy's need massage too!   
You are carrying baby, but your partner is carrying his share of pregnancy-related concerns and responsibilities.  Tension reducing massage for Daddy-To-Be includes massage to Neck, Shoulders & Back.  Traditional Swedish massage techniques applied with medium pressure help your partner feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

For those with chronic, deep tension, consider upgrading to deep tissue work for maximum benefit.


Daddy Massage, 30 minutes  $40.

Upgrade to deep tissue, add $10.


Check out the client referral bonus, which can earn this massage @ no cost!


(Deep tissue work is NOT an option for pregnant or postpartum massages)
Postpartum Massage
Recovery & Healing
Congratulations on the arrival of baby!!  
Designed to help mama's body rebalance and recover, postpartum massage promotes deep healing and relaxation by bringing relief to sore muscles and reducing tension from labor and the process of birth.
This enjoyable full-body massage includes classic Swedish strokes, specific post-natal techniques and Lymphatic Drainage to support mama's body in rebounding from the challenges of pregnancy and delivery.


Childbirth is physically and emotionally demanding on mama's mind and body.
Postpartum massage is an effective, holistic approach to encourage healing and restoration ♥

Postpartum Massage, 60 minutes  $90.


Special pricing available for multiple sessions during the 4th trimester.


Each session is custom designed to address mama's individual needs as they change throughout postpartum recovery. Please read about the Benefits of Postpartum Massage.

Newborns are welcome to accompany mama during postpartum massage cradled on the massage table as I work, or secured safely right next to the table.

Mama Massage by Michelle requires written clearance from OB/GYN or Midwife.

Postpartum clients can receive massage 1-2 weeks after a normal delivery.  If you've had a caesarean, you must wait until your incision is healed before receiving postpartum massage.


"Thank you sooo much!  I've been trying (without success) to get my husband to find the right spot to get me more comfortable.  You found it less than 10 minutes into the massage!  Thank you for listening to what I needed and for going straight to where I needed it most!  I feel GREAT and I  will definitely be seeing you again soon!"


Victoria W. @ 23wks

"I am SO glad to have found you for this pregnancy!!!   I wish I could have had you work on me during my first pregnancy!   Back then I had a prenatal massage by someone else and it was a huge disappointment. What a difference it makes to get prenatal massage from someone  who really knows her way around a pregnant body!   Can't wait to see you again next month..."


Amanda O. @ 28wks



"I feel great, thank you!  I could tell you were specially trained by the way you worked on me. I've had prenatal massage during my previous pregnancies and none were as good as this!"


Tobi C. @ 36wks


"Aaaaah I've been really wanting someone to put a good elbow to  my rear, thank you!  I feel much more loosened up and comfortable!  The Mama Massage was great!"


Jill R. @ 30wks

"WOW, I feel SO MUCH better!  Thank you!"


Lisa W. @ 40wks

  "Your massages were a lifesaver near the end of my pregnancy!  I can't thank you enough for your sweet nature and helpful hands. Also, my husband was so grateful for the back massage you gave to him after working on me.  He talked about that massage for days! Thank you sincerely from both of us."  


Judy G. @ 10wks postpartum


"I've been achy all over since having my son just over a month ago. THANK YOU for providing me with {postpartum} massage that was even better than I hoped for! 

I feel so much better!"


Ellie W. @ 5wks postpartum

"Great hands, warm heart!!!"


Kari G. @ 8wks postpartum

Rates include:

  • Intake Consultation and Brief Reassessment prior to each massage

  • Plan for Massage Therapy treatment and Goal Setting

  • Therapeutic Massage Session based on individual client need & preference 

  • Specialty Pre/Post-Natal skill-set delivered with compassion

  • Professional Massage Table, Cushioning System, Fresh Linens & Relaxing Music

  • Pregnancy-safe, non-allergenic, quality massage lubricant

  • SOAP notes session documentation to ensure progress and client satisfaction

  • Open communication with OB/GYN or Midwife


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