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Professional Policies

Mama Massage by Michelle is a Therapeutic Massage offering for the purpose of relaxation and relief from the discomforts and pain associated with pregnancy/recovery.



Mama Massage by Michelle is indicated for women experiencing a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy.  Clients must be at least 20-yrs old, free from absolute contraindication and in a state of good health, confirmed by written clearance from client's pregnancy medical healthcare provider.


Pre-natal clients must be at least 14 weeks pregnant to be considered for service.
Post-natal clients can receive massage 1-2 weeks after normal delivery, with written clearance from the treating OB/GYN or Midwife indicating post-natal massage therapy(If you've had a caesarean, you must wait until your incision is healed before receiving post-natal massage.  A caesarean section is surgery and your body will need time to recover from it.)


An intake screening process is followed, to protect both potential client and Michelle.  Each potential client will be considered, however, due to the sensitive nature of pregnancy and its relation to therapeutic massage, not every client will be considered eligible.   Apologetically, those with absolute contraindication, sudden high-risk classification, certain relative contraindications, medical illness, recent surgery or acute injury may not be considered for service.


New Client Intake Process:

1.  Get in touch with Mama Massage by Michelle, contact form.

2.  Participate in complimentary phone consultation to confirm that Mama Massage by Michelle is right for you.

3.  Complete New Client Confidential Intake Form (provided via email after consultation when eligible for service)

4.  Obtain written clearance for "Prenatal Massage Therapy" or "Postnatal Massage Therapy" from your OB/GYN or Midwife.  A request for release can be submitted via fax exchange with your medical caregiver with your permission on your behalf.

5.  Schedule an appointment date & time.

6.  At time of first appointment, provide completed New Client Confidential Intake Form {reviewed together}

7.  Enjoy Mama Massage by Michelle!


Mama Massage by Michelle requires written clearance for Pre/Post-Natal Massage Therapy from an OB/GYN or Midwife. This practice serves to protect both client and practitioner and ensures communication with the client's medical caregiver. Clients without written approval from an OB/GYN or Midwife are not cleared for service.  Both the New Client Confidential Intake Form AND written clearance for Pre or Post-Natal Massage from an OB/GYN or Midwife must be in-hand at the time of the first  appointment.  To ensure a safe and successful massage, service will not be provided in the absence of  either requirement.




Recipients of Mama Massage by Michelle must be feeling well on the day of the massage appointment. 


Clients are contacted on the day of the appointment to confirm that day's state of health.  Given the sensitive and changing nature of the effects of pregnancy,  the appointment may be rescheduled [without penalty] at the request of the client or recommendation of the Therapist.  For example, if morning sickness causes severe or ongoing vomiting, then that is not an appropriate time to receive massage. 


Please refer to the Prepare for Massage Appointment checklist prior to your appointment.


If you are not feeling well (generally not well, coming down with something, just getting over having been unwell or if anyone in the household has just been or is currently sick)  kindly reschedule with 24hrs notice.  It is inappropriate to receive massage if feeling unwell and attempting such will not result in satisfactory service.  Additionally, I rely on my body to provide massage therapy and do not wish to be unnecessarily exposed to anything contagious.  If rescheduling due to illness on the part of client or household member(s) is necessary, you will be thanked for your consideration and the appointment will be rescheduled without penalty.  Any client suspected of abusing this policy will not be offered a rescheduled appointment.


If you have to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment.  Should less than 24 hr notice of cancellation be given, you may be responsible for the full service fee.   Cancellations due to circumstances beyond control (pregnancy symptoms, illness, inclement weather, family emergency, etc.) will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you are booking service within 24 hours of actual appointment time, there is no cancellation policy period and you may be charged the full amount of the appointment even if you become unable to keep the appointment.



In the case of a specialty in-home provided appointment:  A back up system is in place to account for my safety.  Your contact information and address are provided confidentially to a safety-ensuring third party, which requires check in and check-out, utilizing  a unique identifier encryption system.  If a request is issued or check-out does not occur as expected, local police are dispatched to your location.   I retain the professional right to decline in-home service for any reason.


Mama Massage by Michelle is a private offering that does not currently participate with health insurance providers.  Payment is due at the time of service.  In the near future, payment via credit card will become an option, however at this time, cash or check are forms of accepted payment.  Please have payment ready. 


Gratuity is not included or required though is gratefully accepted. 


* Client referral bonus - Your confidence in my work and recommendation is appreciated. If you refer a potential client  who becomes a Mama Massage by Michelle client, receive 15-minutes additional massage at NO CHARGE during your next scheduled massage.  (Please note: Not every referral will be accepted since Mama Massage by Michelle is not appropriate for everyone) 15-min thank you time can be redeemed in 15-min increments only, per each regular paying session.  If a client has achieved 2 referrals who have become clients (30 minutes thank you time), then the time may be converted into (1) complimentary Daddy Massage. Refer pregnant/postnatal friends & family and receive free massage for yourself or your partner!


Please inquire about complimentary first appointment and ongoing Military Discount if you or spouse have toured. (Requires Military ID and Active Duty/Discharge Documentation)



I take care to determine each client's needs and then provide a comprehensive massage that directly addresses those needs. I invite all clients to communicate throughout the massage so that when necessary,  adjustments can be made, to ensure that the session is comfortable and successful. 

Should a client feel less than happy with the massage received, discussion is invited and effort to remedy the situation would be offered, however, there is NO REFUND offered on massage provided. 



Massage by Michelle is a strictly professional therapeutic offering and is completely non-sexual in nature.  Clients are welcome to undress to their level of comfort by taking off or leaving on as much clothing as needed to feel comfortable. 


Clients are properly draped in accordance with professional standards, with only the area being massaged undraped then redraped throughout the massage session, to ensure privacy and comfort.  Areas massaged are: Head, Face, Neck, Shoulders, Back,  Arms/Hands, Legs/Feet.   Belly massage is not performed unless by request. Breasts and private areas are never massaged.  


For legal reason it must be stated:  Sexual misconduct is forbidden and absolutely NO sexual behavior is tolerated.  Any illicit remark or request will result in immediate termination of the session and the client will be liable for full payment of the appointment. Further, authorities will be contacted to ensure proper documentation of any such event to protect the integrity of Mama Massage by Michelle. 



(3) different on-the-massage-table positions may be utilized, based on what's comfortable for Mama.  Positioning on the massage table may be:


1.  Lying face down using a bodyCushion™ positioning system that supports prone position by keeping all pressure off the uterus.

2.  Propped face up in a secured semi-reclined position, using  the bodyCushion™ and bolster and pillows/towels.

3.  Side-lying, using the bodyCushion™, nestled with pillows/towels & bolster to provide support and maintenance of spinal alignment.


Positioning and techniques utilized are altered based on what's comfortable for Mama given number of weeks pregnant and size/positioning of baby.

Positioning is changed throughout the session to maintain comfort and strategic application of Mama Massage by Michelle. 

Mama is professionally draped with freshly laundered sheets at all times to ensure privacy and comfort.



Prenatal and Postpartum massages are light-to-medium in pressure. Techniques utilized are applied strategically, to achieve the desired outcome without the use of forceful pressure. The maximum amount of pressure provided to safe areas of the body is medium pressure.  NO DEEP PRESSURE is provided.



Prior to each massage session provided, client needs & preferences and any changes to medical status are discussed so that I can provide the best service possible.  During each session, I readily adjust client's positioning on the table, pressure used, temperature {linen or blanket adjustment}, music volume or selection, work longer on a specific area or move on, at the client's request.


It is my goal to deliver excellent massage every time!  I encourage feedback from clients during and after the massage, to best enable me to understand needs and match those needs to solutions.



It is the right of the client to refuse any massage methods or stop a  massage in progress at any time (though payment in full may remain due, determined on a case-by-case basis). 


Therapist and client each have the right to end treatment at any time, for any reason. 


Your privacy is important.  Your medical history and personal information is not shared, leased, or sold. Your address and phone number are confidentially shared with only the secure safety service for my protection as a traveling Therapist. Any information you give to Massage by Michelle will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used any way that you have not consented.  All communication is confidential and your privacy is respected at all times.


It is your responsibility to keep the Massage Therapist informed of any changes in your health.  Massage by Michelle is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Massage Therapy is a wonderful adjunct to medical care, but NOT a substitute for medical care. Always seek the advice of your health care provider with questions you may have regarding your pregnancy or health-related condition. 



Professional policies are in place to enable a healthy, therapeutic relationship between client and Massage Therapist and to set framework for delivery of the highest quality service. 

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